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What countries does Weaver ship to?

Weaver ships to the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


How much will shipping cost?

Online purchases may incur a shipping charge. Shipping prices are calculated at the checkout.

Does Weaver carry stock?

Yes. Weaver carry stock of select styles and sizes. Stock is held at our warehouse facility in Auckland, New Zealand. You can shop in stock designs here - be sure to use the drop down menu to select the in stock size at the check out (not all sizes are in stock).


Note Weaver do not guarantee stock of any particular style or size rug. Stock is subject to market and shipping fluctuations. If you have a specific project you would like to reserve stock for please email us at

How long will my rug take to be delivered?

In stock rugs will take between 3-5 working days to be delivered New Zealand or Australia wide and 2-3 weeks to be delivered elsewhere.

Made-to-order rugs will take between 5-6 weeks to be delivered to the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Shipping delays due to COVID may disrupt our normal shipping lead times. In which case, we kindly ask for your patience. 

Are there any import taxes & duties to pay?

Import taxes and duties may apply to international orders as the order reaches its country of destination. All import taxes and duty charges are the responsibility of the customer. Taxes and duties will vary from country to country. For this reason, please check with your countries customs office to gain an estimate of the possible charges for importing your rug.

Does Weaver have a retail store?

No. Weaver is an online rug boutique only. 

Does Weaver have AfterPay or LayBuy?

Yes. You can pay using AfterPay or LayBuy by using the payment prompts at the check out.

How do I care for my Weaver rug?

Weaver rugs are made from 100% New Zealand Wool. Wool requires care. Please read the full rug care instructions here.

Can I purchase a custom rug size?

Yes. All colours in the shop can be made-to-fit your specific measurements. Please email with your dimensions. No extra administration fees are charged on made-to-measure rugs.

Can I purchase a custom rug and mix my own colours together?

Yes. Weaver have the ability to mix colours together and create bespoke multicoloured and two tone rugs, as well as add blocks of colour and borders to rugs. Please email with your custom rug requirements.

How does purchasing a Weaver Rug help support women?

Weaver is a female owned company and 90% of our artisans are female. Research shows, when women thrive, communities thrive.

Is child labour used in making Weaver rugs?

No. Weaver work to insure there is no child labour used in the making of their rugs.


Can I return my Weaver rug?

In the unlikely scenario your rug has a defect or is damaged upon delivery it can be returned. Please read Weavers full return policy here. Note there are no returns on sale item. 

Does Weaver offer warrantees on their rugs?

We expect Weaver rugs to last a reasonable period of time if they are cared for properly, however due to the handmade nature of Weavers rugs, we do not offer a period of warranty on them. We would however ask that you contact us in the case of a fault with a Weaver rug. We are passionate about our customers and want them to have the best experience. We will consider a resolution on a case-by-case basis. 

Will a Weaver rug move around on the floor?

No. Weaver rugs are heavy, they are made from densely packed wool and hug the floor well because of their weight. 

Are Weaver rugs double sided?

Yes. Each rug has been designed to be turned over. This extends the rugs life and safeguards against any misfortunate spills you are unable to clean. 

How long does it take for my rug to settle flat on the floor after receiving it?

It may take 1-2 days for your rug to settle flat on the floor. This is not always the case but may happen if the rug has been packed tightly for shipping. Fibre crush can also occasionally occur if a rug has been packed tightly. The fibers will expand and "bounce back" once the rug has had up to 1 week laid out flat on the floor.

What if I experience fluffing?

Due the the hand made nature of our rugs, in some scenarios wool can experience fluffing. This can happen on occasion in high use areas with allot of foot traffic. While we do not warrant this kind of wear and tear, a simple solution for fluffing is to nap off/remove any fluff delicately with a pair of scissors. This requires care, any fluff should be removed gently. Weaver is not responsible if you cut directly into the rug or its threading. 

Can my Weaver rug go under furniture?

Yes, however due to the hand made nature of Weaver rugs, care should be taken when placing them under furniture. It is advised that the legs of chairs and tables be at least 4cm wide if placed on top of a Weaver rug.

What about imperfections?

Weaver rugs are hand rolled and threaded giving each rug its own unique charm. The beauty of our rugs lay in these subtle organic differences.


Occasionally, a rug may have a small piece of dried grass lodged inside the wool. This is from the sheep and may have been missed during the hand processing of the wool. If this bothers you, you can removed it gently with a pair of tweezers.

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