4 Ways To Style A Round Rug

Adding a round rug to a room can soften hard lines and create a sense of flow. If positioned and styled right, it can make the room feel natural, uplifting and harmonious.

Here are our top 5 tips for getting the balance right when placing and styling a round rug.

Mimic Existing Round Features.

Round rugs work well in spaces where there is already a pronounced round feature such as an archway, wall or mirror. Adding the rug adjacent to the feature can enhance both the rug and the round feature. Round coffee and dining room tables also work well on top of a round rug.

Pink round rug in office with stylish furniture.
Blushing Pink Weaver Rug mimicking round mirror.

Round rug styling with cool furniture.
Round rugs work well under round objects.

Use The Corner Of A Room.

Corners are often overlooked as unusable space, but by adding a round rug, a forgotten corner can become a cosy reading nook, kids pay area or break-away space.

The key is to arrange the furniture around the rug to create a sense of intimacy. You don't need to go over board with furniture - the rug works to define the space with out adding too much.

Round rug placement in living room.
Living space enhanced with play area.

Round Rug Styling in bedroom.
Sitting area created out of bedroom corner.

Soften Hard Lines.

A round rug can make the sharp corners and hard lines of a room feel softer. This is because Chi flows in a circular motion, in other words, chi loves a curve. Adding a round rug can help the flow of chi especially in corners where chi often stagnates, this softens the feel of the space and creates "good Feng Shui".

Round Rug with good chi flow in living room.
Round rug softening hard lines.

Creating A Welcoming Entryway.

A small round rug is perfect for creating a vignette in a hallway or entryway. It's particularly good for staging a space for sale as it gives it an instant uplifting feeling as soon as you enter the home.

Arrange the rug with a small functional piece of furniture such as a bench seat, chair, umbrella stand or console, then pull colours from the rug to match with cushions, artwork and potted plants.

Grey rug in entryway of home.
Welcoming entry using plants and a chair on Weavers Touchstone Grey Rug.