Sustainably Furnishing Our Tiny Home

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

By Fiona from Tiny Blue Earth //

As we slowly finish off our little home, I’ve decided to go room by room and share with you all the different ways we’ve made the space our own!

First up: the smallest room in our house, the living room. Being in a tiny home, the one space we had to compromise on was the living room. But because we have a large outdoor living area and don’t spend much time inside, it doesn’t bother us! The only time you can find us inside is if we’re having a movie night, but our projector and two-seater couch does just the trick for those nights!

Tiny home using white round rug.

Because our living room is small, it was the quickest for us to furnish. We knew right away we wanted to keep a large amount of the area free from clutter to maintain a sense of openness. We also wanted to optimise space for our projector, since I don’t like having TVs in the house. To achieve this, we kept the far left wall of the house completely clear from furniture or decorations, which has helped keep the living area from feeling boxed in.

For the rest of the area, we wanted to make it as cosy as possible. We picked up a floor model couch with a small footprint and a durable material from Freedom Furniture for $600.

For optimal comfiness, we knew we needed somewhere to rest our feet. Most items in a tiny house have multiple functions, and our ottoman is no exception. We use it as a footstool when it’s just the two of us, pop a tray on it and it’s suddenly a coffee table, or use it as seating for guests. It’s a fantastic multifunctional piece of furniture that I recommend for all small living spaces. We bought ours from Farmer’s for around $200.

Textured white round wool rug in tiny home.

Next up is our rug. I took my time with finding the right fit, as I had quite a few requirements for this piece. I wanted it to be made of a natural fibre, preferably NZ wool, and of high quality construction. I also wanted it to be a neutral piece that will last us a long time.

I was ecstatic when I found Weaver Rugs, a NZ-based company that specialises in wool rugs slow crafted by hand by Nepali Artisans. Weaver Rugs was kind of enough to gift me their stunning rug in Celestial White. I LOVE it. Now, you can always find me sitting on it while working on my laptop or taking time to meditate. It’s so utterly soft underfoot and is a piece I’m proud to show off. Plus, all the packaging was plastic-free. The owner, Rachel, even takes back the free colour samples she mailed out to us for her to reuse! She also offers adorable wool coasters in a variety of colours, which make the perfect gift. I am so impressed with this product, and even happier to be supporting a woman-owned, fair-trade small business.

White rug with grey couch.

Finally, the cherry on top for me are our statement pillows. I scored this whole bunch for $50 off of Facebook Marketplace from a gal just down the road. I love embracing the pastel pinks of the moment as well as the cosy round shapes. Facebook Marketplace is so easy and supports a circular economy. Perfect.

Fiona // TinyBlueEarth