Why Supporting Women Helps Communities Thrive.

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Weaver is a womens rug company, our ethos is rooted in conscious living with a female focus, this means 90% of our workers are women. Why is this our focus? Global research over the past decade has shown when women are paid a wage in a developing nation, they are more likely to spend it on feeding, clothing, educating and housing their children.

Woman holding up a grey and yellow rug.

Innately women are more prone to nurturing and when they are given the means to provide they do! When women are empowered children and communities thrive. Studies have shown when children are well fed and taken care of the community becomes healthier and happier, the ripple affect of this is children are able to learn better at school, in turn they grow and develop skills that further contribute to the community.

Rug samples.
One of the our workers next to some rug samples.

Weaver rugs enable women to work "drop in" hours where they can come in at 11am after tending to their homes, and leave in time to collect their children after school. It enables them to be both providers and nurturers.

Women weaving beautiful wool rugs.

So the next time you are relaxing on your hand crafted Weaver rug, think about the women who created it and how many children, families and communities are thriving because of your conscious choice.