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Calling all self-home-stylers, interior design gurus and D.I.Y. warriors, it's your time to shine. The Weaver Shop 2021 home styling challenge is here.

Style and Snap your home/DIY project/interior design project and show us where you'd like to insert your dream Weaver rug. The Style and Snap winner will receive $900 store credit to make their dream rug a reality.

Weaver interior styling comp. Naturaql home interiors.
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We know you've been heavily invested in your homes design, critiquing every wall colour and placing every pot/lamp/picture frame with precision. And maybe you're just missing that one thing, a beautiful lush Weaver rug to bring it all together.

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It's all about your aesthetic and how inviting, fun, creative, chic or dreamy your space is. Whatever your style (bold, subtle, outrageous, maximal) we are here for it! So take a punt at our challenge, Style and Snap! 


The best images will be shared across our social platforms and our followers will decide the winner through online voting. Entries close September 1st 2021.


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