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Rug Care

Weaver rugs are made from 100% New Zealand Wool - like all wool items, they require care.


Vacuum your Weaver rug regularly and clean spills with room temperature water and a mild detergent. Do not wash your rug with hot water. Use cold/room temperature water only. Refer to the 'Cleaning Spills' section for a full explanation. 


When vacuuming, vacuum with the bristles on your vacuum cleaner turned off. Use the hose end of the vacuum to vacuum in-between each felted ball.


Weaver rugs are designed double-sided. If and when the time comes, simply flip your rug over to reveal a fresh side. 


Weaver rugs are heavy and won't slide around on the floor.


Due the the hand made nature of our rugs, in some scenarios wool can experience fluffing. This can happen on occasion in high use areas with allot of foot traffic. While we do not warrant this kind of wear and tear, a simple solution for fluffing is to nap off/remove any fluff delicately with a pair of scissors. This requires care, any fluff should be removed gently. Weaver is not responsible if you cut directly into the rug or its threading. 

Note: After receiving your rug it may take 1-2 days for it to settle flat on the floor. This is not always the case but may happen if the rug has been packed tightly for shipping.


Cleaning spills:


Blot the spill immediately with a cloth or towel to soak up the excess liquid.


Douse the spill in room temperature water repeatedly blotting up the liquid as you go. Do this several times before adding any detergent.

Add a mild detergent to the surface of the spill and gently dab with a cloth (do not rub). Kitchen dishwashing detergent usually works. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals.

Add more water repeatedly until all of the detergent has been removed.

Important note: Soap residue re-attracts dirt, make sure you wash the detergent out thoroughly after removing the spill.

End of life:


Each rug is designed to work in harmony with nature and be returned to the earth. At the end of your rugs long life, please consider the environment by adding it to either a wool recycling program or a composting system. 


To compost, take some scissors and cut the strings between the felted balls breaking the balls apart. Add the balls to the compost and let it break down naturally over time. Wool will decompose in approximately 9 months.

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